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Wa’ela Tigray Minnesota 2024

The Tigray Communities Forum is proud to announce that the Tigray Community of Minnesota has been selected as the official host community for Wa’Ela Tigray 2024! We invite all Tigrayans across North America to support and be apart of our journey in establishing Little Tigray, one city at a time. Stay tuned for more information!

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Who We Are

The Tigray Community of Minnesota is a community of Tigrigna speaking people who came from the Tigray region in Ethiopia and currently reside in the state of Minnesota or their descendants there-off. Our community has been part of Minnesota for more than 30 years.

Our Vision

Tigray Community of Minnesota (TCMN) is organized exclusively to promote social change through encouragement, communications, and community education so as to create a well-informed community in MN.

Our Values


TCMN is all about making the family successful. Each individual in the community values family as an institution. Parents are keen to enable their children to be successful in USA without losing connection to their roots.


For Tigrayans the social cooperation during good and bad times is an integral part of our culture. In our tradition, Weddings, Funerals and other ceremonies are responsibilities of the community instead of the individual. The community will strengthen this culture by coordinating efforts to support each individual and family during good and bad times.

Mutual Respect

We Tigrayans have thousands of years of history helping and cooperating with other communities. Tigrayans in Minnesota pride ourselves with this culture and will continue to seek cooperation and collaboration with other communities promoting mutual respect and fairness.

Promoting Success

We are a community of hard working individuals and families. The community will work hard to make sure our members succeed in every endeavor by promoting cooperation, education and communication. Most importantly we will work to make the new generation successful while keep connected to their roots.

Our History


Tigray is the northernmost region of Ethiopia. Tigray is the homeland of the Tigrayans, Irob and Kunama peoples. Its largest city and capital is Mek’ele; other major cities include Adigrat, Aksum, Shire, Humera, Adwa, Alamata, Wukro, Maychew, Sheraro, Abiy Adi, Korem, Qwiha, Hawzen, Mekoni and Zalambessa.


Minnesota is a state in the mid-western and northern regions of the United States, admitted as the 32nd U.S. state on May 11, 1858. The state has a large number of lakes, and is known by the slogan “Land of 10,000 Lakes”. Nearly 60 percent of its residents live in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area (known as the “Twin Cities”).

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